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    Fresh Beef

    This could include anything from a small cut of beef, a burger, or a beef-based snack offered by a business or organization as part of a promotion or marketing campaign.

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    Fresh Chicken

    This could include samples of chicken-based dishes, chicken wings, nuggets, or other poultry-related products given away by businesses or organizations as part of a promotion or marketing strategy.

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    Fresh Goat Meat

    This might include samples of goat meat dishes, cuts of goat meat, or goat meat-based snacks provided by businesses or organizations as part of a promotional or marketing effort.


    Fresh Chicken Meat

    Our Fresh Chicken Meat is the Perfect Choice for Your Next Meal!

    Fresh Goat Meat

    Experience the Rich Flavor and Quality of Fresh Goat Meat.

    Fresh Beaf Meat

    Savor the Exceptional Quality and Taste of Fresh Beef Meat.

    Fresh Lam Meat

    Discover the Delicate and Succulent Flavor of Fresh Lamb Meat

    Fresh Mutton Meat

    Indulge in the Rich and Savory Goodness of Fresh Mutton Meat.

    Fresh Fish

    Explore Our Selection of Premium Fresh Fish

    Best Quality

    Top-tier excellence guaranteed.

    Full Fresh

    Completely Fresh, Guaranteed.

    100% Halal

    Purely Halal, Always Quality.

    Approved Plant

    Certified Production Facility.

    Wholesale Products

    Roster halal Chicken

    Roster halal Chicken, Curry cut , without skin, on the bone, 1 kg vacuum pack, X 10 kg/Pack each master carton, 40 boxs each pallet.

    Halal Hen

    Halal Hen , On the barn skin, with bone, Deshi style Curry cut 1kge vacuum pack, X 10 Pack/ Kg each master carton, 40 boxes each pallet.

    Goat leg meat

    Goat leg meat, Curry cut on the bone, less fat ready to cooking, 1kge each vacuum pack, X 20 pack/ kgs each master carton ,50 boxs each pallet.

    Customers Reviews

    I recently had the pleasure of trying Sardar's Fresh Meat products, and I must say, I was absolutely blown away by the quality and taste. As a carnivore at heart, I have high expectations when it comes to meat, and Sardar's did not disappoint.
    Mila Kunis

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    If you're a meat enthusiast like me, I wholeheartedly recommend Sardar's Fresh Meat. It's a cut above the rest, offering exceptional freshness, flavor, and quality. Sardar's has become my go-to choice for meat, and I'm sure it will become yours too. Happy cooking!
    Mike Sendler
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